Dennis Marsh

“It’s fun discovering what can be achieved together.”

AOME Office

Homes are personal.
Everyone cares. It’s fun discovering what can be achieved together. Creating and designing something so personal is rewarding.

Great architecture exploits an exceptional process to achieve a fantastic result.
The Process: Working together. Enjoying the interaction. Exploring opportunities. Respecting contributions. Appreciating contradiction. Finding creative solutions. Striving for more… Setting priorities. Balancing objectives. Providing guidance. Educating. Finding what matters. These elements help ignite an exceptional process.
The Result: Creative. Powerful concept. Strong character. Valuing context. Reflecting the Owner: considering the Site. Solving the program; managing constraints. Appreciating balance and composition. Rhythmic. Aptly manipulating volume and form. Understandable. Filtering fashion, recognizing substance and achieving presence. Blending both focal and background elements. Comforting while evocative. Spatially engaging. Employing thoughtful materials with extraordinary and attentive detailing. Acknowledging the present vernacular. Respecting our environment. Accepting our roots. These ingredients help produce a fantastic result.

Father. Architect. Friend.
Strengths & Weaknesses: Usually argumentative. Often persuasive. Prefers conversation. Will accept email. Dislikes paperwork …willing to acknowledge the need it fulfills. Likes humor. Appreciates candor. Detailed. Organized. Stays with the big picture. Caffeine addiction…somewhat addicted to most technology… Belief in trust, respect and teamwork. Values competition through hard work. Wishes common sense was more common place. Farmkid. Likes urban…but would prefer less traffic. Likes rural…but prefers more choice. Curious. Free time consumed reading and cheering my kids at their games. Occasional movie. Skier. Would like to backpack more often…


AOME Archtiects
1986-present — cofounder and principal

Bachelor of Environmental Design
University of Kansas 1975

Master of Architecture
University of Washington 1981

Licensed Architect
Washington 1986 - Present