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A Recent Works volume of AOME Architects, recounting the tale of how an amazing Japanese artifact was incorporated into the front entry door of a contemporary home.


  • We are delighted to have been named the Top Seattle Architect among 270 firms that were rated by the Industry Oversight Report in 2022. Practices were rated across a range of salient criteria including commitment to excellence and customer service. AOME were praised for providing high levels of service to our customers. “The structure of […]

  • AOME Architects submitted a winning entry of the Estate Transformation & Terrace Renewal project (same property, different phases) in the Single Family Residence category of the annual prestiges 2020 International Property Awards program, based in London England.

  • AOME Architects submitted a winning entry of the Bon Appétit project in the Single Family Residence category of the annual prestiges 2020 International Property Awards program, based in London England.


  • The Problem: For many of us, remodeling an existing residence may be the best path to a home tailored to your family’s needs. But remodeling is not for everyone. Homeowners face several obstacles to success: The Solution: One proven way to manage and mitigate these obstacles is finding and selecting the right remodeling professionals for you.  The […]

  • Questions Home Owners should ask a Residential Architect To do this, the architect must be able to design in a 3D virtual environment. You will understand the finished result much better than any other method, and your architects will also benefit from understanding their own design in a much more concrete way.

    Redfin, a industry leader in residential real estate, recently published an article titled, 19 Essential Questions to Ask a Residential Architect Before Hiring Them. Within this article, Mark Elster shared his insights on the importance of working with an architect that can provide their designs in a 3D virtual environment, so clients can really be […]

  • Mark Elster is featured in several articles on Cartist, a resource to help other Architect firms both residential and commercial. After over 35 years of experience, Mark believes in the value of giving back and helping others succeed. Most recently, Mark was featured in a 3 part blog post focused on helping other architects with […]


  • Utilizing an architect for a custom building project isn’t for everyone. How do you know you are going to be one of those who gets immense satisfaction and priceless benefits out of engaging an architect to guide you through the time-consuming and expensive journey that is required to succeed? To answer that critical question, and […]

  • AOME Architects, a Seattle-based full-service architecture firm, from inception has been a leader in creating cost effective energy-efficient homes that are practical and showcase exceptional design. Our approach produces an environmentally sensitive design that minimizes the ecological footprint while providing luxurious, functional and pragmatic living spaces. The benefits of well-designed energy-efficient homes are plentiful. Firstly, […]

  • Home Renovations When it comes to a high-end residential design firm, AOME Architects stands out as a top choice for those seeking to enhance their homes with luxurious and seamless renovations. AOME relishes the challenge of designing transformative additions and alterations to existing homes. AOME Architects sophisticated approach assures results that exceeds any clients expectations.  […]


  • The stunning Lake Washington estate AOME remodelled over 20 years ago is up for sale for a cool $26.9 million with Tere Foster. The homeowners, who have lived there for 22 years, are looking to downsize now that their four sons have grown up and flown the nest. They confessed they have found it a […]

  • AOME has worked remotely and designed in total 3D since 2011 — learn how.

  • “You are truly the best of the best—it shows in every stunning detail that made it into the house.”