Senior Project Manager Position Available

AOME is hiring!

AOME is hiring a senior project manager who is a proven leader!
A collaborative team is looking to add a leader!

We’re recruiting for a Senior Project Manager with proven talent for leadership, who is eager to join a growing firm with a reputation for quality design and bespoke service.

Our history and what we do Now…

Since 1986, AOME Architects has partnered with our clients to explore and create architecture unique to their needs and dreams. Every project is special. AOME responds with personalized service and individual designs tailored to each client. From concept to completion the work combines creativity, imagination, and attention to detail.

AOME believes in an approach to design that respects both contemporary and historical contexts, while acknowledging the many modern developments that enhance comfort, livability and enjoyment. AOME successfully strives for the best in design by applying an abiding sense of proportion, massing, scale, light and volume, along with rigorous attention to detail and process.

Who we are, what we do, and how we do it

AOME specializes in custom single–family home design. We are a firm of skilled individuals who function together as a team, in which each member’s contribution is seen as unique and important. Collectively our skills include the technical, professional, administrative, and interpersonal abilities necessary to our practice of architecture. We are a service business that recognizes the need to provide our clients with a quality service as well as a quality product. With these goals in mind every employee of AOME is expected to carry out his/her tasks in a careful, thorough, timely and professional manner.

Our approach to the work and our relationships are guided by our core values:

  • Fellowship: “In our lives and in business the underlying goal should be fellowship.”
  • Integrity: “Trust, Honor, Prudence — Relentlessly pursuing these principles with integrity is how we and our project team partners deliver our service and ultimately our client’s dream home.”
  • Balance:AOME balances creativity and pragmatism, budget and schedule, utility and delight to create the fresh ideas that we make into the homes that bring daily joy to our clients.”
  • Making: “Our passion for the making and crafting of beautiful, functional building environments for our clients is what drives everything we do.”
  • Value: “Adhering to these core values ensures that we create real value for our clients.”

Our relationship with our new Senior Project Manager will be…

…grounded in trust and respect for the skills they bring to our team. Our Senior Project Manager will, after a suitable introductory period, be entrusted with leading the development of our designs, and interacting with our clients and team colleagues at every level and stage of projects. They will work intimately with the principals and manage their team member’s tasks, by leveraging their own experience with high–end custom residential design and construction. Robust experience with the development of high–end residential concepts, forms, master plans, details and specifications are valued as a basis for respect among your team members. Our Senior Project Manager will apply these skills to provide oversight and informed guidance and direction to them. Production of construction documentation and CAD drafting will be a secondary (or tertiary) component of the role.

… energetic, with an engaging personality, who is capable of working with clients, engineers, contractors and our design colleagues with equal congeniality. They will be prepared to work in close collaboration with AOME principals and enjoy problem solving and sharing our delight at what we do. In many ways, our PM may be described as one who could run their own practice but chooses to work within an existing one. In time, real opportunities for ownership at AOME exist for those with an interest, appropriate skillsets and ambition.

The work culture at AOME is optimal when each of us feels we have autonomy over tasks, technique, team and time; when we feel we have achieved mastery and that our skills are recognized; when we feel our contributions to the work make a positive difference in the world; and finally, when we know we are working alongside people who value each other, our individual skills and our collective purpose — because we are better together.

Mark Elster, Principal AOME Architects

Pay, Benefits, and Schedule:

  • $125k-$150k/year, depending on experience and merit
  • Periodic bonuses based on profitability of the firm
  • Health insurance acquired on own, with health insurance reimbursement stipends to mitigate costs
  • Other benefits to be discussed
  • Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm PST
  • Possibility of growth into partnership in the next 3-5 years

We’re looking for a Sr. Project Manager who:

  • Has the confidence to manage-up as well as down and across the team structure
  • Has the people and project management skills to interact with clients
  • Has eight or more years’ experience in residential architecture, and among those, at least three years of proven project management success
  • Has the ability to work independently and remotely (AOME is a virtual distributed office, since 2011)
  • Is located in the general Bellevue/Seattle area for quick access to our typical project sites

Software/Hardware Skills:

  • Five years drafting with Graphisoft Archicad (training available for cases of limited Archicad experience)
  • Sketching skills (using hand or digital rendering techniques)
  • Excel, Word, Photoshop and other office related software platforms
  • AOME is an Apple Macintosh based studio, with high-end workstations provided

To apply:

Please email your materials to including:

  • Your resume
  • Letter introducing yourself including what draws you to this role and relationship
  • A link to your website if you have one
  • (3) References: (2) Professional and (1) Personal

Please type SR PROJECT MANAGER in the subject line. Email applications without this subject line will not be considered. Attention to detail is a must. We look forward to hearing from you!

Application deadline: Until filled