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Estate Transformation

Though designed originally for this client in 1988, fast forward to 2003 when the kids are nearly grown, and due to a desire to update exterior and interior materials, AOME was hired once again after designing their guest house on adjacent property. The purchase of yet another adjacent property fronting the lake allowed the clients to fully realize the lakefront estate they always dreamt of, with a 3,500 square foot addition and extensive new landscaped grounds.

An increase in tactile finishes, and addition of myriad handicrafts transformed a formerly quiet, contemporary interior into a more traditional, warm, and inviting home for family and friends.

The new front door to this phase of the project is a story in and of itself—literally! Read the AOME Architects Work Volume, Transformation: From Kura–To to Entry Door by way of AOME’s Kura-To Door  blog post.

The Estate Transformation project recently won an award from the prestigious annual International Properties competition. To learn more about this project see the contest entry booklet, “Estate Transformation” that delves into this fascinating multi–phase multi–decade project.

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