When to Build a Custom Home

Utilizing an architect for a custom building project isn’t for everyone. How do you know you are going to be one of those who gets immense satisfaction and priceless benefits out of engaging an architect to guide you through the time-consuming and expensive journey that is required to succeed?

A beautiful AOME designed estate with traditional flavor has an expansive waterfront view along Lake Washington’s shoreline

To answer that critical question, and avoid difficulty and heartache, it is important that you gain clarity before commencing the journey. The following questions will help you self–assess if you are ready to make that first key investment into your project by engaging with an architect. ‘YES’ answers to these questions indicates you are ready to get started on your new future dream home by contacting AOME Architects for an initial consultation [Click here to schedule a consultation].

Sunny custom pantry by AOME Architects
AOME unique custom designed sunny pantry
  1. Is your project a large new home or a significant renovation?
    Smaller new homes and renovation projects are often best handled directly by design–build contractors with a style or book of plans you admire.

    AOME Architects is a premium firm of experienced high-end residential designers who specialize in creating highly tailored bespoke beautiful homes and an experience that one cannot obtain through the transactional design-build process (which more resembles ordering accessories and options for a new car).

  2. Do you have a long term vision of your home for your family to love and enjoy for many years to come?

    We don’t undertake commodity or economizing builds for short term resale. Our typical client is looking to design and build a dream home they will occupy and enjoy for decades.

  3. Are you looking for a professional full–service architect to guide and inspire you from our first conversation to when you move in and beyond?

    AOME offers an unparalleled level of premium bespoke service that contributes to our client’s comfort in knowing they are being well cared for and their enjoyment of the process.

  4. Are you and your family in a comfortable and stable personal state right now, and the foreseeable future, to give your project your attention and devotion?

    Clients who select AOME Architects are prepared to devote the necessary time and engagement to fulfill their role in this interesting and exciting process — prepared to have fun, but also to do the work necessary for a successful outcome.

  5. Is your financial position prepared for the substantial investments in quality design and the long–term well being that superior architecture provides?

    AOME Architects is not the least expensive option you would have for design, but it is the best value for those seeking a bespoke experience and design work custom–tailored to you and your family’s needs and goals. AOME Architects shares a projection of project costs and fees with all our clients before any design work commences.

  6. Is your financial position prepared for the substantial investments required to engage a general contractor during the design process and for the custom build itself?

    A key part of AOME’s pre-design services process includes a reliable evaluation of projected costs of construction, based upon your expressed project requirements and preliminary design conceptualizations. This is independent from your eventual choice of general contractor and a useful gage for judging your contenders. AOME assists about 90% of their clients with selection of their general contractor (as well as key owner–direct consultants, like surveyors, geotechnical engineers, landscape designer/architects, and interior designers).

  7. Do you have an existing property or are you currently searching for one?

    Don’t worry about not having identified the ideal property on your own yet. The ideal way to acquire the ideal property at minimum requires collaboration between you, a superior realtor familiar with your target areas, and an architect who can quickly and effectively evaluate the feasibility of your desired project on individual candidate properties.

    AOME has deep experience assisting owners with feasibility studies and many anecdotal examples of clients who are grateful that we saved them from making terrible decisions in a vacuum and wasting millions of dollars. AOME will rebalance the information asymmetry that most property buyers suffer: between hidden property defects and arcane, labyrinthine jurisdictional regulations that can make a seemingly ideal property turn out to be a nightmare instead.
AOME Architects on site reviews are a regular thing
AOME Architect regularly reviews the work under construction with the contractor and clients to assure that the design is being executed faithfully

Naturally there is more to it than can be briefly related here. As you guide, AOME Architects will sheapard you through the whole sometimes bewildering process to the day you step into your new home. When you know you are ready, be sure to contact AOME to make that first key investment in your family’s future! [Click here to schedule a consultation]