About architectural styles

Clients struggle to name or describe the style of architecture they desire because much of residential architecture defies classification. Most homes blend design elements from several architectural styles or periods. AOME knows our clients value our openness to a broad range of architectural styles but recognize that it is helpful to our potential clients to at least sort our work into two broad and somewhat artificial style categories…


Contemporary architecture in the modern tradition is often celebrated by the media and critics as a style outside of historical “traditional” styles. Nothing could be further from the truth. All contemporary architecture merely occupies a different place on the style spectrum. As a set of rules (that are often broken), contemporary architecture tends to favor understated adornment, more elemental use of materials, and simpler approaches to detail and form.  


“Traditional” is often a misnomer when applied to recently built architecture, and can be misleading in other ways. Homes in the Traditional category of architectural styles often incorporate more modern amenities and style elements that we sometimes recategorize more accurately as Transitional. Although we welcome those that do, very few clients would be prepared to live in a truly historical traditional home without significant modernization. Traditional homes tend to have steeper roofs (usually gable or hip roof form), painted wood trim, isolated window openings, more ornamentation, and historical details.

Whatever your preferences, AOME is here to help you achieve a balance between stylistic elements and pragmatic necessities that will blend to create your own unique architectural aesthetic.