Working on a dream

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The editor of Mercer Island City Lifestyle magazine, Michael Stein, recently interviewed Mark Elster, managing principal of AOME Architects. His article proposes that the right architect will transform your Ideas into a concrete plan. Inquiring on behalf of their readers about the process of planning and building a dream home, he asked AOME for advice about the process that can cause anxiety for homeowners.

The article, entitled, “Working on a Dream”, offers expert advice and answers to questions that folks new to the custom construction process worry about, plus a few more that they should attend to, including:

  • Why build a custom home?”
  • “What steps are required to design and build a custom home?”
  • “What is the role of an architect?”
  • Where in the process should I hire an architect?
  • “How do we start the process?”

The answers apply universally anywhere in the Seattle area and beyond. We hope the article helps apprehensive homeowners move forward with plans for their dream home with more confidence. Participating in this interview was an honor that AOME looks forward to repeating.