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Bon Appétit

Food is life. For this family, even the concept for their home revolves around the planting, growing, meal planning, preparation, serving and enjoyment of food, together with family and friends. From the front door that frames a view to the lake beyond looking through the lofty modern sanctuary that is the dining room, to the walk-in cooler and freezers, meal prep area and fully appointed professional level kitchen, the entire entertaining and living area is oriented to a theatrical presentation of the cooking and dining ceremony too many of us neglect.

See if you can spot the conceptual realization of the “Inside, inside-outside, outside–inside, outside,” sequence that ordered the design—culminating in a pivot door that forms a canopy, when open, over the mobile dining table (it rolls on trestle wheels). The door is operated via a crank mechanism designed in collaboration with Turner Exhibits (thus the reference, in categories, to kinetic architecture). The mechanism simultaneously raises the custom designed chandelier too.

This house was fun to design, and is just too much fun to visit and live in.

Testimonial headline

Each morning we come down stairs… it seems like we’re still dreaming, the whole house is so incredible to live in!

The homeowner, Leslie, quoted shortly after moving in

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